confessions made in this

Shirley Kim-Ryu


a confession was made in this alley
my blurry sight
after students climbed onto the tower
old woman refused to sell me a compass

bottle spins
and you pointed at me
told me you had a number for me
and it was number 8

a confession was spoken in this elevator
you asked what my number was
and I did not speak
were you not able to sleep as you said

identical floorplan
lovers twined               ballooning skin
old woman said
skin is the biggest organ
I saw you there stroking you dick
with sad well of your eyes

a confession was written in this tower
I am trapped in this elevator
with college girls drenched in sweat
I have stolen the compass and
must ride to school by 8 a.m.
madness of crumbling department store
this trip is cancelled

throat is dry                 while
             the elevator ascends to my mother’s house
a façade
             that obsession
dear bird can you climb up here
             or fly
             I am a reptile in a tower

              under the root of this old tree

            a young ancient coil        comfortably
                                                    deep in black

              infested green hairs
              all        9        100        and
              30        8        of          them

              rolls like a twinkling bell
              says Let there be dark

              crawl Next step No
              slither first
              neon red veins glow
              spread across her body
              faint toil of a brass bell
              the snail of her two ears

              She opens her eyes and rolls them
                                        down        up         down
                                        to             side       to
                                        three        one        two

Shirley Kim-Ryu is a Guest Contributor to Panorama.