Amy Gigi Alexander: : Editor-in-Chief, North American Editor


“Panorama has a dual purpose: to reconstruct literary travel writing and travel photography, one story and image at a time; and to be a publication that represents a modern, complex world.”

Troy Onyango: Editor


“Geographical mobility is fantastic, and I would love to do it often, but it’s the imagination – the power to conjure and feel places without being there – that has truly brought meaning to the word travel for me.”

Matthew Webb: Creative Director


“We will re-imagine the world by increasing the diversity in our images, as well as in the photographers who make them.”

Anne Louise Avery: European Editor


“The most powerful travel writing is not so much the art of empirical description as that of the translation of the individual experience into the universal.”


Richard Ali: Africa Editor


“Travel writing is for me a spell that takes me to places with eyes anew, to see myself in spaces familiar and unfamiliar alike and, with Panorama, to bring these delights of my country and all Africa to the world.”


Jose Varghese: Asia Editor


“Travel writing is a quest for an identity beyond restrictions in an ever changing cultural landscape.”


Oceania Editor



South America Editor



Marie Baleo: Flash Editor

Flash is discipline and generosity, it is to abide by rigid formal rule, and within these bounds, to give one’s absolute best, each word weighed, handpicked.”

David Ishaya Osu: Poetry Editor


“I believe travel writing is for all of us. Because the world is for all of us. It is indeed a wonder to move, whether near or far.”


Nicolas Sampson: Books Editor


Aswin Prasanth: Academic Editor



Vimi Bajaj: Fiction Editor


“The best fiction surprises not only the reader but first and foremost the writer herself. Travel enhances this ability and takes me farther into the inner landscapes, knowledge of myself.”

Khadija Abdalla Bajaber: Assistant Fiction Editor


Molly Ellen Murray: Outdoor Editor


“Exploring teaches us to discover and embrace the beauty, distinction, and otherness that is in every place – especially in our own homes.”

Assistant Outdoor Editor


Kevan Manwaring, Psychogeography Editor



Faith Adiele: Senior Editor


“Folks of color are the most traveled people on the planet; every time we leave our houses, we travel.”


Sarge Lacuesta: Nonfiction Editor


“When we travel, we make other places present. When we write about travelling, we make ourselves present.”



Samuel Autman, Nonfiction Editor



Leslie Hsu Oh: Outdoor Editor


“My Navajo name means journey to bring out gifts. That is my goal when I’m travelling.”


Richard Oduor Oduku: Senior Editor


“Travel writing, for me, is to regain the freedom to see for myself, to drift beyond stifling prescriptions and escape the spectacle of prepackaged news about Africa.”


Kristin Winet: Contributing Writer


“Travel gave me the courage to write; feminism, the courage to look differently.”


Kerry Beth Neville: Nonfiction Editor


Ernest White II: Nonfiction Editor


“Travel writing is about relaying individual experience in a way that speaks to the greater human experience.”


Tolu Daniel: Nonfiction Editor


Elan Grug Muse: Contributing Writer


“Travel writing is about all kinds of things. Sometimes it’s about you and your experience of the world; other times it’s about being a witness to someone or something else’s existence.”


TA Loeffler: Wandering Editor


“Travel writing weaves together adventure, metaphor, and the natural world into a universal tapestry of life lessons.”


Elizabeth Enslin: Contributing Writer


“In my travels and writing, I’m drawn to the local and everyday: family life, villages without tourist attractions, community organisations, backyard gardens.”


Katrina Woznicki: Contributing Writer


Real travel narrative transcends the physical journey of being somewhere new and exciting, and shows you how we connect to our world.


Anis Ibrahim: Contributing Writer


Good travel writing goes beyond merely describing a place; it digs deep and tells you how the place transformed the writer, and what it means to her.


Gary Budden: Contributing Writer


“You can call it psychogeography, or deep topography, or new nature writing. I like to call it landscape punk.”


Joelle Renstrom: Contributing Writer


“Travelling is inextricable from living, grieving, reading, teaching, and so many other things; not forcing the separation of these experiences increases their potency and poignancy.” 


Dato Magradze: Wandering Editor


“We travel in our adventure every day. It is almost impossible to place a line of the demarcation between the real journey and the imaginative one.”



Steven Law: Contributing Writer


“I’m a contemplative adventurer, and my travel writing is about the inner journey as well as the outdoor world.”


Dan Richards: Contributing Writer


“To be the big eye and big ear, to relate new scapes and tell wonderful stories — to do a place justice and share the experience, exuberance and joy of worlds unknown, to beckon on — that’s great travel writing to me.”


Noelle de la Paz: Contributing Writer


To write about travel is to confront the larger forces that shape or limit our movement across oceans, across borders, across town.


Ola Nubi: Contributing Writer


“Writing is about rediscovery of the hidden places in yourself, others and your geographical space.”


Valerie Piro: Contributing Writer


“Travelling and writing mean challenging perceptions. There is a stereotype that people with disabilities, particularly physical ones, never leave their homes. My response is to leave my home with a mission.”


Jonathon Engels: Contributing Writer


“Travel writing at its best is the chronicling of a journey that resonates beyond the factual, engaging with the nuances that make all parts of the world simultaneously unique and united.”


Ky Delaney: Contributing Writer


Travel writing engages the world the same way my four-year old does: seeking connection with relentless curiosity.


Marie Wiesner: Contributing Writer


“When you’re on the road you see so many things you didn’t expect: you meet people you never expected to meet, and experience moments so breathtaking that you know you’ll have to write about them.”


Dharmendar Kanwar: Wandering Editor


“Travel writing makes you feel special and in control of how and what you discover – you take on multiple roles – part adventurer, part historian and part tourist guide.”


Paul McVeigh: Wandering Editor


“Growing up in a Belfast ghetto during the Troubles, physical walls kept us in an open-air prison while poverty, politics and religion built mental ones. Travel was an idea. The idea was escape.”


Lola Akinmade Åkerström: Contributing Writer and Photographer


“Travel means listening. Listening to a place … and trying to understand it as best as I can and respecting it in a way that personally links me to it.”


Murzban Shroff: Wandering Editor


“Travel writing is all about people, places, and beyond: a world without boundaries. As in all forms of writing, it must aspire to wear the mantle of literature: bold, exploratory, sentient.”

Shehla Anjum: Contributing Writer


“Travel closes the gaps in our experience and opens our minds to endless possibilities, attainable and unattainable.”